One charging network has decided to start showing air quality updates at its chargers. Roaming agreements remain both a pride of the EV charging networks and a point of confusion. Electric garbage trucks are arriving—with plenty of potential to offset those stop-and-go beasts with tailpipes. And are you curious about a plug-in camper based on London cabs? This and more, here at Green Car Reports. 

The company that makes electrified London taxi cabs plans to make what it’s calling the world’s first electric camper van—although, like those London cabs, it’s actually a range-extended EV with an engine under the hood. 

Volta Charging, the company with those big “commerce-centric” screens built into its chargers, is aiming for a PSA of sorts by announcing an “Air Pollution Scorecard” at the charger, including localized air quality info in the area where you’re charging up—and avoiding tailpipe pollution of your own. 

Roaming agreements between charging networks are useful as they allow EV drivers to access stations from multiple networks with a single app. But as a recent announcement expanding Greenlots’ roaming underscored—welcoming drivers of the Canadian network FLO—there’s still a flow of agreements to navigate, and it’s a good argument for a single system like the Tesla Supercharger network. 

The truckmaker Mack is getting in the electric garbage truck business, with the announcement of seven Mack LR Electric garbage trucks for New York City. With 6,000 internal combustion trucks in the fleet—and big potential contracts like those from waste-disposal company Republic Services—there’s a lot of room for growth. 

And over at Motor Authority: In another sign that all-electric powertrains are an important piece of future success for some of the most exclusive performance brands, the Volkswagen Group has essentially transferred Bugatti to a joint venture owned by Porsche and Rimac. Mate Rimac, the founder of the Croatian all-electric supercar maker of the same name, has been named the CEO of the new venture.


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