The New York City Department of Sanitation (DSNY) will purchase seven Mack LR Electric garbage trucks, Mack announced at the recent WasteExpo 2021 trade show. However, it's only a small step toward eliminating carbon emissions from DSNY's 6,000-vehicle fleet.

The order follows delivery of a demonstrator model to DSNY in September 2020, according to a Mack press release, which added that Mack trucks make up most of the agency's current fleet. DSNY hopes to eliminate its greenhouse-gas emissions by 2040, deputy commissioner for support services Rocco DiRico said in a statement.

Each new truck will be assigned to one of seven zones in New York City: The Bronx, Brooklyn North, Brooklyn South, Manhattan, Queens East, Queens West, and Staten Island. DSNY will also install a DC fast-charging station to charge each of the vehicles, Mack said.

Mack first rolled out these big, heavy municipal vehicles in prototype form in 2019. The demonstrator model supplied to DSNY has two electric motors, with a combined output of 448 horsepower and 4,051 pound-feet of torque, and a 2-speed transmission. Three-phase regenerative braking accounts for the increasing load as the truck makes stops throughout the day, according to Mack.

Mack LR Electric garbage truck demonstrator for NYC Department of Sanitation

Mack LR Electric garbage truck demonstrator for NYC Department of Sanitation

The truck uses 600-volt lithium-ion batteries with a nickel manganese cobalt oxide (NMC) chemistry. It also has step-down converters for a 12-volt electrical system to run lights and accessories, and a 24-volt system to run the hydraulics for the compactor and dump system.

Mack isn't the only company to develop an electric garbage truck, but it may be the first to deliver a significant number of production vehicles in the United States.

Nikola announced a shocking order for 2,500 battery-electric trucks from the waste-disposal company Republic Services last August, but it reportedly dissolved in December. Republic is now testing the Mack Electric truck, industry trade journal FreightWaves reported.

The Netherlands' DAF is also testing all-electric garbage trucks. It delivered a single truck for use in the Dutch city of Zwolle last May.