This morning, we consider how the Ford F-150 Lightning stacks up against the Rivian R1T. The Lightning is shaping up to be a power broker, with some unparalleled home-backup capabilities. Faraday Future teases new tech in the FF91 it still hasn’t delivered. And will the next Popemobile be a Fisker? This and more, here at Green Car Reports. 

This morning we continue our coverage of the 2022 Ford F-150 Lightning electric truck, with a deeper dive into the Lightning’s home power backup functions that could put a dent in Tesla Powerwall sales. Although pricing is not yet announced, with home upgrades likely a fraction of the price of a Powerwall, why not just make the truck you need anyway the backup?

And the electric trucks are here… almost. This morning, we take a look at how the Ford F-150 Lightning vs. the Rivian R1T. With the R1T arriving this summer and the Lightning coming next spring—plus the GMC Hummer EV SUT, Lordstown Endurance both also due to arrive soon—EVs will finally be reaching the truck people who might be interested in electric, but not an electric car. 

We also take a look at Faraday Future’s latest feature-add for the seven-year-old startup’s FF91 electric car. Will seamless video-call capability in the back seat, part of this flagship’s sophisticated operating system, make you any more likely to consider it—if a SPAC enables it to be built next year?

And Fisker Inc. has announced that it plans to build a fully electric Popemobile, based on the Ocean electric SUV. On Friday, the company released photos of CEO Henrik Fisker presenting photos of the result to Pope Francis.


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