A Portland site is a template for big-rig fast-charging, and open for public use. Biodiesel from beef fat will soon be mass-produced by a Nebraska joint venture. And BYD gives a top-level preview of its third-generation platform for electric vehicles. This and more on Earth Day, here at Green Car Reports

China’s BYD has revealed its next-generation platform for EVs. Meant to work with its LFP-based Blade battery revealed last year, the so-called e-platform 3.0 will bring vehicles with a range of up to 600 miles and the potential to recover 90 miles of range in five minutes of fast-charging. Ultra-low coefficients of drag and improved system efficiency are also part of the new platform. 

The truck-stop operator Love’s and the factory-farming giant Cargill have partnered for a joint venture that will mass-produce biodiesel from rendered beef fat. The companies say the bovine biodiesel will result in lower carbon emissions than petroleum-based diesel. 

Portland’s Electric Island is the first publicly accessible fast-charging station for heavy-duty trucks like electric semis, delivery trucks, and school buses. The site, which opened Wednesday, is ready for the next-level megawatt charging standard that’s on the way soon. 

And over at Motor Authority: The FIA on Wednesday announced a new category for electric GT race cars that look much closer to what you might buy at the dealership—potentially giving EV motorsports fans a new alternative to Formula E.


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