The Nissan Ariya is arriving soon and going through final development tuning. GM is adding a 400-mile Chevy Silverado pickup to its electric future. And President Biden’s EV-savvy infrastructure plan might have hit a snag. This and more, here at Green Car Reports. 

The Biden administration already faces one big obstacle in Capitol Hill: It proposes spending more money toward electric-vehicle chargers than on roads, highways, and bridges. The emphasis on EVs has already been called a “political statement,” which doesn’t bode well.

The Nissan Ariya electric crossover is due to arrive later in the year; and the automaker suggested yesterday in a short video that it’s working to tune different versions of this important EV for each continent and market. 

GM plans to use Factory Zero—that’s its Hamtramck, Michigan plant—to build fully electric versions of the Chevrolet Silverado pickup, in addition to the Hummer EV SUT and Hummer EV SUV. The electric Chevy pickup will allow more than a 400-mile range. 

And over at Motor Authority, we zoomed in on what exactly Watts To Freedom (or WTF mode) is. As the Hummer EV’s equivalent of Ludicrous mode, it involves rocket-ship theater, a vibrating seat, a lowered suspension, and lots and lots of motor torque.