Amazon adds San Francisco to the big-city regions now using Rivian electric delivery trucks. We get some follow-up time driving the Honda CR-V Hybrid. And those seeking a speedy charge while shopping have a new option in the Midwest. This and more, here at Green Car Reports

The charging network EVgo has partnered with Meijer for Midwest DC fast charging. The stations, at up to 350 kw, will give drivers in that region of the country another alternative in major metro areas to the road-trip-oriented networks of Tesla and Electrify America. 

The electric truckmaker Rivian has started delivering delivery vehicles to Amazon for the San Francisco market, where the goods-and-services giant has been reconfiguring its delivery hubs for the custom-designed electric trucks. Rollout started in LA in February and will ramp up to 10,000 in service as soon as next year. 

With the shift in the auto industry toward electric vehicles, hybrids without a plug are increasingly looking like the fuel-efficient middle of the mainstream. In a follow-up drive with the Honda CR-V Hybrid, we found it to deliver all the space-efficient, family-friendly goodness shoppers expect in this kind of vehicle. 

Over at The Car Connection: GM, Volvo, and Jaguar are among the brands that see all-electric as the future and have set a date for the expiration of internal combustion models. Which brands will be next?


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