A solar tonneau could help charge electric pickups and make them more useful at worksites. Rivian shows pre-production electric trucks being made. Hyundai adds a little more availability for the Nexo fuel-cell vehicle. And people aren’t fast-charging as much during the pandemic. This and more, here at Green Car Reports.

Rivian has provided an up-close look at pre-production of its R1T electric pickup, showing that a number of design details from the concept or prototype truck shown several years ago—like its unusual headlights—have made it all the way through to production.

Hyundai is expanding availability of its Nexo hydrogen fuel-cell crossover in California. Before you get too excited, the expansion means one more dealership, and it again underscores the limiting factor: infrastructure. 

A new survey suggests that electric vehicle drivers are sticking more to home charging during the pandemic, while the use of DC fast charging has dropped considerably. Although charging networks are likely feeling the pinch, networks have continued to grow through this period.

And a solar tonneau system seems like a natural fit for the many electric pickup trucks that are on the way over the next several years—or just to power accessories as part of a mobile-power ecosystem.


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