Tesla and Nikola need to compete with electric trucks from familiar brands like Peterbilt. GM revealed more about its upcoming Hummer EV. Toyota is pushing along with solid-state battery development. And Kandi cars are arriving soon. This and more, here at Green Car Reports. 

Toyota solid-state battery technology is reportedly on schedule for a 2025 production start, according to a top executive. If the company can accomplish that, it might yet become a strong contender in the EV field. 

Although there’s much hype about upcoming trucks from Tesla and Nikola, these semis will be arriving to a full array of other battery-electric and fuel-cell possibilities that established truck makers are ready to scale up. That’s very different than what the Tesla Model S arrived to a decade ago on the car side. 

China’s Kandi is planning to launch its tiny electric cars soon in the U.S.—and that includes opening up orders to Americans in August. Does its most affordable model, at $20,499 before the federal EV tax credit, upstage the cheapest gas models on the market today?

And Wednesday GM revealed a little more about the upcoming 2022 GMC Hummer EV—in a video showing the side profiles of both the SUT and the SUV versions, and teasing Adrenaline mode, Crab mode, and giving a glimpse at frunk space.


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