Electric vehicles save a huge amount in ownership costs over 15 years. Citroën shows one of the ways it’s going electric for Europe—and maybe elsewhere. Jaguar Land Rover sees fuel cells as better than just batteries for large SUVs. And tires and wheels have a shocking impact on EV range. This and more, here at Green Car Reports. 

France’s Citroën has revealed a full set of details and specs for its ë-C4 electric car. While it doesn’t stand out in the performance or range numbers, the ë-C4 would give a merged PSA and Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) another option for expanding EV options. 

If you’re thinking about swapping out the original tires and wheels of your EV for something better-looking or better-handling, beware: Tires and wheels can have a significant effect on electric-car range

A study released last month suggests that Americans can save big by keeping today’s EVs for 15 years—but costs will vary widely depending on the model, how they charge, and where they are. 

Volvo has confirmed that it will be providing the electric powertrain for the Rosenbauer fire truck that will soon be tested in several fire departments—albeit with a diesel-engine backup. 

Jaguar Land Rover confirmed that its involvement in hydrogen fuel-cell development is more than just an exploratory project. It sees fuel cells as worthwhile in countering the “diminishing returns” of batteries in large SUVs, the company’s engineering chief said Friday. 

And over at Motor Authority: As Volkswagen’s reconstituted electric Bus gets closer to production, it’s worth checking in on an American counterculture waypoint—the Type 2 Microbus 21-Window.   



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