There’s now a closely spaced cross-country high-power fast-charging route in the U.S. other than Tesla’s Supercharger network. Jaguar gives the I-Pace some updates. And Rivian’s goin’ to California—but not entirely. This and more, here at Green Car Reports.

Electrify America has completed its first cross-country charging DC fast-charging route for electric vehicles, with chargers spaced about 70 miles apart, to suit the range needs of more than just long-range EVs. 

Jaguar has given the 2021 I-Pace electric SUV several updates not yet confirmed for the U.S. A new infotainment system should help overcome the lag we’ve observed in the past, and a faster onboard charger will speed up Level 2 charges. But it appears that range ratings won't change. 

Electric truck hopeful Rivian is California-bound for more of its workforce—including its product development operations—to California, although the company plans to keep a significant presence in Michigan and of course at its Normal, Illinois, assembly plant.

And over at The Car Connection: The Tesla Model S, Model 3, and Model X are all in the top ten most American-made cars list, as compiled by 


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