The Tesla Semi is at last full speed ahead. Meanwhile Nikola announced that its Badger electric truck aims to reach the market around the same time as the Cybertruck. And there’s a new recall for the Pacifica Hybrid. This and more, here at Green Car Reports.

The Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid is being recalled again—this time for nothing to do with its hybrid system or impressive plug-in hybrid capability, but with an issue with the 12-volt accessory battery connection. But according to FCA, you might want to be extra careful until you get it checked out.

The Tesla Semi is reportedly being fast-tracked to production, after being sidelined for some time, among Tesla’s many product priorities. We shall soon see how the Semi measures up in its range in real-world use and how it competes in the cost-of-ownership numbers that matter most to trucking fleets. 

Competition is good. That Tesla move might have been spurred by Nikola’s sudden rise in the news cycle after its debut on the stock market this month. Nikola CEO Trevor Milton announced this week that there are three companies in the running to produce the hydrogen-supplemented Badger electric pickup—a somewhat more conventional-looking rival to the Cybertruck—and it’s targeting a 2022 launch. 

And it’s no mistake that Hyundai has given its Model 3–sized Prophecy electric car concept from earlier this year an extra push—or a surprise that the company’s design boss confirmed it’s headed to production


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