The Tesla Cybertruck won’t get smaller for production. An electric oil tanker will make quite the statement. A very flat EV platform could get some sophisticated suspension work to tie it together. And where will EV and hybrid sales go from here? This and more, here at Green Car Reports. 

This weekend, Tesla CEO Elon Musk announced that they’ve decided not to downsize the Cybertruck on the way to production—which will make it about the size of big American full-size pickups. But that might make room for a future smaller Cybertruck. 

A group of companies is undertaking a project that’s loaded with irony: making an electric oil tanker that will run on renewable energy. 

Puzzled by where DC fast charging stations are located? Keep in mind what you went through when shopping for a house. Location is everything—though here with a special checklist of priorities that have to be addressed at each site. 

Auto sales have been in free-fall during the pandemic. Although there are some early indications that electric-vehicle sales are gaining ground in Europe despite the crisis. Where will they land in the U.S.?

The Israeli startup REE has designed a very, very flat skateboard EV platform that frees up space by packing components away in the wheel wells. It just last week announced that it will be getting suspension help from KYB to meet the challenges that layout presents. 


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