Electric cars are cleaner than gas cars almost everywhere. Ethanol faces more challenges at the pump. Battery-electric trains catch on in Europe. And will an activist strategy about oil stoke interest in Aptera? This and more, here at Green Car Reports. 

A study from the UK has found that electric cars are now cleaner than gasoline cars in 95% of the world. And they’ll keep getting cleaner as the grid greens. 

Aptera is positioning its rebooted hyper-efficient, solar-charged electric vehicle at least partly as a reaction to oil conflict and climate change. Will that work at a time of $2 gas?

Even before the ongoing controversies over E15 gas at pumps, ethanol is up against mounting challenges this year as cheap gas and an oil glut prompt refiners to hit pause. With that business already in upheaval, the biofuels sector could soon see a shakeup. 

And battery-electric trains are about to become more widespread—especially if you’re in Europe. Passenger rail lines in Germany and France are among the countries that have recently placed orders for new trains that can charge up on electrified track and go solely on battery packs for many miles.


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