The bubble car gets another electric remake. Rural California is getting fully-solar-powered charging stations. And the Honda CR-V Hybrid gets specs and pricing, as it arrives as soon as this weekend. This and more, here at Green Car Reports. 

Inspired by the Isetta minicar of the 1950s, the fashionable, urban-focused Microlina electric car will be back at the Geneva Motor Show—redesigned before it has ever gone on sale. 

Rural California is getting 30 Level 2 charging stations, from EV ARC, that are self-contained and powered entirely by solar. They’re part of a $2 million Electrify America project in its separate plan for the Golden State.  

The Honda CR-V arrives at dealerships starting on March 1, and it seems that it’s been positioned and priced in a very competitive spot against the Toyota RAV4 Hybrid. Its EPA mileage rating doesn’t quite match up, though. 

And over at our partner site Motor Authority, the supercar company Techrules has repurposed itself to focus on the sale of its microturbine technology as a range extender for EV projects. One strength is its ability to run on a wide range of renewable fuels, including ethanol, methanol, and biogas.  


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