New York City aims to make every vehicle—not just the road-going ones—electric by 2040. Volkswagen might replace the Passat with an all-electric sedan. Hyundai has a new EV-platform partner. And the Lucid Air does indeed benefit from Formula E. This and more, today at Green Car Reports. 

Hyundai is partnering with California-based Canoo to co-develop an EV platform likely to be put to use in ride-sharing vehicles and other smaller people-movers. 

Volkswagen has said that it will stay in the sedan segment in the U.S.; but those future sedans won’t necessarily be gasoline-powered. According to a report citing one of VW’s top U.S. executives, the Passat might be replaced completely by an all-electric sedan

In New York City, mayor Bill de Blasio issued an executive order last week calling for all municipal fleet vehicles to be electric by 2040. That includes garbage trucks, ambulances, and even ferries. 

And the Lucid Air electric sedan has a unique connection to racing. With Lucid’s direct experience putting together the battery pack that powers all Formula E cars, regardless of the team, Lucid has managed to take lessons from the road car to racing, then back again.


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