General Motors has outlined its plan for an all-electric future, and it doesn’t include a single hybrid or plug-in hybrid. The Tesla Model Y has been rated for efficiency as well as driving range. And EVs outsold manuals. This and more, here at Green Car Reports. 

The 2020 Tesla Model Y has been rated for range and efficiency by the EPA (at least in one form), and the posted details reveal that there might be a few more technical differences versus the Model 3 than previously thought.  

Fun fact: Electric cars outsold cars with manual transmissions for the first full year in 2019. 

In an annual presentation to investors, GM outlined its vision of an all-electric future—one that, unfortunately, hasn’t seen that much support this year from Washington, D.C.  And a GM executive explained the rationale for the automaker’s decision not just to discontinue the Volt but to decisively say no to any more hybrids or plug-in hybrids.

Over at our partner site Motor Authority, the British firm Ariel has provided a look at its upcoming high-performance extended-range EV called the Hipercar—for “High Performance Carbon Reduction.” It’s not exactly something that you’d use for the daily commute.


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