Sony created its own electric car. Mercedes-Benz embraced science fiction while discussing a more eco-conscious battery future. And Bollinger takes a next step toward producing its heavy-duty electric trucks. This and more, today at Green Car Reports. 

Bollinger Motors has filed for a set of patents applying to the engineering and layout of its electric trucks, ahead of their assembly by a third-party company starting next year. 

The Sony Vision-S concept electric car was one of the surprises of CES. It showcases how the set of interior and safety technologies will fit together in the future; and it’s also its own independently designed (and intriguing) electric car. 

Mercedes-Benz used its concept for CES, called AVTR, to tease a future with more ecologically sound batteries—and an immersive interior inspired by the film “Avatar” and its fictional world. 

Also from CES, Hyundai is developing an aircraft that might function as an Uber air taxi sometime in the future.  


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