Fisker released a price and more information on its upcoming Ocean electric SUV, though it’s still lacking some key information. We tell a tale of charging misadventures (and some lessons). And the Lincoln Corsair Grand Touring is a plug-in hybrid, but a luxury vehicle first and foremost. This and more, today at Green Car Reports. 

Testing for our Green Car Reports’ Best Car To Buy finalists didn’t quite go according to plan. One down DC fast charging station was just the start of what felt like a series of misadventures and learning experiences. 

The 2021 Lincoln Corsair Grand Touring is going to be Lincoln’s smallest hybrid vehicle and likely its plug-in hybrid with the longest range. It’s also the first all-wheel-drive hybrid from Lincoln or the mainstream Ford brand with an e-motor for the rear wheels rather than a mechanical connection. 

The Fisker Ocean electric SUV has been given a $37,499 price tag, or a $379/month lease price, as well as promises of full-scale production starting in 2022—but Fisker still hasn’t disclosed the production location or the battery supplier. 

And Ford is working on a new rear-wheel steering system for its F-150 pickup; might it apply to the fully electric F-150?


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