Toyota is doing good with its Corolla and RAV4 hybrids—and in the case of the RAV4, selling a lot of them. Byton says more about who’s providing content for its very large screen. BMW reworked some i3’s for limo duty. This and more, today at Green Car Reports. 

The startup automaker Byton has revealed more about what kind of content will show up on its huge, trend-setting 48-inch full-width dash display.

BMW is aiming to push past some preconceptions about how bigger is better—especially on the ride-hailing or limo front—with its i3 Urban Suite concept for CES.

With the release of a 2019 sales roundup from Toyota, we can call it more than a fluke: The Prius is no longer the best-selling Toyota hybrid

This weekend we explained why the Toyota RAV4 Hybrid deserves an honorary mention as the best new hybrid for the market, even though it isn’t in the running for our annual Best Car To Buy award. 

And don’t miss, from our companion site The Car Connection, why the Toyota Corolla Hybrid is the Best Economy Car To Buy 2020


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