Long-established brands probably don’t need to worry so much about upcoming electric trucks competing against the Tesla Cybertruck. Germany is finally getting in the fast lane with EV sales. Range ratings are out for the Porsche Taycan Turbo—as are more driving impressions from us on the Taycan 4S. This and more, today at Green Car Reports. 

The Porsche Taycan Turbo has been EPA-rated at just 201 miles of range, and its efficiency rating is in last place among today’s electric vehicles. Although Porsche has said all along that performance is the top priority, it’s clearly aiming for something better with the other Taycan variants, like the 4S we recently drove

On that topic, check out the second part of our Porsche Taycan 4S first drive review—with more detail about what it’s like to drive the electric performance car on a frozen lake—over at our companion site Motor Authority. 

Germany is on track to blast past Norway and become the biggest electric-vehicle market in Europe. With the German industry in the midst of an electric remake, and new incentives for buyers there, it’s about time. 

And you probably won’t be so surprised to see that a recent survey of shoppers confirmed that priorities for an electric truck will likely be very different. From the Tesla Cybertruck to the Rivian R1T to trucks from GM and Ford, there’s room for all. 

Over at our companion site The Car Connection, see more about why the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety is ratcheting up safety requirements in specific areas, like headlights. 


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