Mazda shows its first electric car, in concept form. Mitsubishi showed how plug-in hybrids and off-road adventure aren’t mutually exclusive. Honda was indeed considering the U.S. for its city-sized E. And Tesla has announced that the Model Y crossover is arriving early—next summer, it says. This and more today at Green Car Reports

Tesla yesterday confirmed that its Model Y electric crossover has been pulled ahead. It’ll be ready for a production launch in summer 2020. All the commonality with Model 3 (and the choice to stick with Fremont) might really pay off for the company. 

At the Tokyo Motor Show, Mazda introduced what it calls its first mass production electric car—the MX-30 concept. Suicide doors, recycled upholstery, cork trim—and a potential range-extended version on the way—probably bring to mind the BMW i3, but it’s already shaping up as more practical. Europe is looking like the focus for this model; we’re eager to see how (and when) it arrives in the U.S. 

Mitsubishi has hinted that it’s considering expanding the use of its plug-in hybrid offerings—and if the Mi-Tech plug-in hybrid off-road concept from the Tokyo show is any indication, it could find its way into a more adventurous little utility vehicle. 

And a great many electric vehicle fans have been disappointed to hear that the little Honda E urban EV isn’t coming to the U.S. Turns out, it was originally supposed to


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