Electric long-haul trucks like the upcoming Tesla Semi might not have operating-cost advantages over diesel, a new analysis suggests. Toyota’s Prius C is back in other world markets—sort of. DHL is going light with electric commercial vehicles. And 800V systems might be closer to the mass market than previously suggested. This and more today at Green Car Reports.

Toyota’s city-sized, high-mpg Prius C is gone. It’s being effectively eplaced by a new Toyota Yaris Hybrid, but don’t get your hopes up: Toyota says that the new Yaris will only be bound for Europe, Australia, and Japan. 

Short- and medium-haul commercial trucks and semis might have a lot of ownership-cost advantages in battery-electric form, concludes a market analysis firm. However it anticipates that diesel—and even hydrogen fuel cells—will still outperform long-haul semis like the Tesla Semi in overall costs.  

Hitachi is making a strong bet on 800-volt charging and power systems for future electric cars with a new 800V inverter design aimed at “mass production.” 

The German company DHL is bringing its StreetScooter lineup of electric light-duty delivery vehicles to the U.S. market, as it looks to enter a segment that both Nissan and Ford have considered for America and abandoned. More details to come. 

And Porsche is looking beyond selling electric cars, to mobility ventures and a changing vehicle landscape that could become airborne. 




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