Tesla brought back free unlimited Supercharging for the Model S and Model X. When the VW ID R electric race car set a new lap record at Germany's Nurburgring, it demolished other records, too. Concerns over prices and availability of materials for EV batteries may not be about lithium. And our latest Twitter poll asks readers if automated chargers would be useful to them. All this and more on Green Car Reports.

After CEO Elon Musk claimed that free, lifetime Supercharging was not sustainable, Tesla has brought back the feature on its high-end Model S and Model X vehicles, with some caveats.

Even as it set a record for electric cars at Germany's famous Nurburgring-Nordschliefe race track, the Volkswagen ID R electric race car also set a new record for energy efficiency, posting the equivalent of 17 mpg on the timed run. 

Concerns over prices and supplies of battery materials for electric cars go beyond lithium. A bigger concern, according to a Bloomberg report, may be nickel.

After a report that Electrify America is developing a new robot to plug in fleets of autonomous cars, our latest Twitter poll asks readers if such a thing would be useful to them, or if wireless charging is a better idea. 

Finally, Porsche plugs in an electric race program and launches a new carbon-offset program in the U.S.


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