Tesla raises cash and introduces a new very short-range version of the Model 3 for Canada. The BMW 745e brings a new 6-cylinder engine, with lower fuel-economy ratings, and slightly more electric range for 2020. Los Angeles launches its own Green New Deal. All this and more on Green Car Reports.

Tesla announced in a securities filing on Thursday that it plans to raise money in stock and debt to help continue its expansion to build the Model Y, second-generation Roadster, Semi, and Pickup. CEO Elon Musk will also buy more stock.

On Wednesday, the company announced a new short-range version of its Model 3 for Canada, with just 93 miles of range, intended to qualify for Canada's new nationwide federal EV tax credit. Like the Standard Range car in the U.S., it won't be available to order online, but buyers can order it by phone or in a Tesla store.

The new 2020 BMW 745e gets a slight boost in electric range, from 14 to 16 miles, along with more power from a new 6-cylinder engine and a drop in overall fuel economy.

With no progress on a Green New Deal in Washington, Los Angeles—the cradle of anti-emissions regulation—launched its own plan to go carbon free by 2045, along with other improvements by 2050.

Lexus is reportedly working on a minicar—although, of course, it's not likely to be sold in the U.S.

Finally, General Motors plans to drop all-wheel-drive versions of the diesel-powered Chevrolet Equinox and GMC Terrain for 2020.


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