Tesla announced a new entry-level version of the Tesla Model 3 for Canada on Wednesday.

The new version is designed to limbo under the $45,000 (Canadian) price cap on Canada's new $5,000 (Canadian) electric-vehicle tax credit, which was itself designed to exclude wealthy Tesla buyers from receiving government rebates for buying their new cars.

The new model, with 93 miles of range, lists for CA$44,999, plus a CA$1,300 delivery charge and CA$10 federal registration fee. 

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Other than its software-restricted smaller battery capacity, the new entry-level Canadian Model 3 Standard Range bears close resemblance to the $35,000 (US) base Standard Range Model 3 in the US. That is, it lacks Tesla's integrated navigation, power seats, leather upholstery, and premium stereo. 

Also like the base Model 3 in the US, buyers can't order it on Tesla's website, but have to visit a Tesla store or call the company to order it.

Although it isn't available on the website, the good news for Canadian buyers is that the mere existence of the car in Tesla's model lineup means that the related and better-equipped Model 3 Standard Range Plus is also eligible for the rebate, since the cap references only the base price of eligible cars. That car is available to order on Tesla's Canadian website.

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The Model 3 Standard Range Plus has a range rated in Canada at 386 kilometers (about 240 miles, as with the US Model 3 Standard  Range Plus) and adds power heated front seats, leatherette seats, Tesla navigation, fog lights, a docking port for two cell phones, and an upgraded audio system (though not Tesla's full Premium sound system.) It lists for CA$55,010 counting mandatory delivery and government fees.

Both versions of the Model 3 are now listed as eligible vehicles for the $5,000 tax credit on Transport Canada's website.

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Canada's new Liberal Finance Minister Bill Morneau passed the tax credit as part of the new budget in March, after an even more generous tax credit in the country's most populous province of Ontario was curtailed last year. British Columbia and Quebec offer additional tax credits.

After introducing the Standard Range Model 3 in the US in February, the company delayed building it and eventually dropped the model from its website, while still allowing customers to order it in stores or by phone.