The Tesla Model 3 Mid Range didn't last long.

Tesla quietly dropped the middle trim level over the weekend, which had offered buyers 264 miles of range. The company introduced the car last November in lieu of the entry-level Standard Range car—although Tesla opened that most affordable Model 3 up to orders late last month.

At the time Tesla CEO Elon Musk announced that developing the Mid Range car, which sold for about $41,200, was cheaper than building a redesigned battery pack for the Standard Range Model 3. Of course, its higher price also helped Tesla bring in more money in the middle of a cash crunch. 

2018 Tesla Model S and 2018 Tesla Model X

2018 Tesla Model S and 2018 Tesla Model X

In the past two weeks, Tesla has been tweaking its model lineup every few days, with new Model 3 trim levels, price cuts, and then price increases again.

When the company released the long-awaited $35,000 base Model 3 ($36,200 including destination), it also included a surprise new trim level with the Model 3 Standard Range Plus (for about $38,200 today), offering a longer range halfway to that of the Mid Range Model 3. Its Partial Premium interior also likely included the features that most buyers want. At the extra $3,000 for 24 more miles of range, fancier maps, and an even-higher-end sound system it was unclear what buyers might pony up for the Mid Range car.

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Among our readers, the answer was, few of them. In our Twitter poll last week, which asked "Which Tesla Model 3 would you buy?" Though our polls are unscientific, only 12 percent of our respondents chose the Mid Range version over the base Short Range model, the Short Range Plus, or one of the Long Range variants, the smallest of any group.

Monday is the last day to buy a Tesla before the latest 3-percent price increase hits on all but the base Model 3.

Some news reports—and Bloomberg's Model 3 Tracker, for instance—indicate that Tesla still has a high amount of inventory, so those who still want a Mid Range Model 3, may still have some time to buy one.