Now that Tesla has finally released the $35,000 Model 3 that got hundreds of thousands of buyers interested in the brand, we wondered how many people might follow through and buy it. 

Along with the new base Short Range Model 3, the company recently filled out the rest of the Model 3 lineup with the new Short Range Plus model, which includes an upgraded interior and 20 more miles of range. Those two models join the Mid Range, Long Range, and Performance models, and the company even brought back the rear-wheel-drive Long Range model with 325 miles of range, in addition to the Long Range Dual Motor all-wheel drive version with 310 miles. 

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We tried to pick the four most common configurations, with extra focus on what's new. The four choices were: the $35,000 Standard Range, the Standard Range Plus, the Mid Range, and anything higher. 

In all, only 15 percent of our respondents said they would buy the base $35,000 Model 3, the second lowest percentage in our poll. Combined with the Standard Range Plus, however, another 25 percent said they would choose the Standard Range Plus, which starts at $38,200 after Tesla's mandatory $1,200 destination and documentation fee.

Neither was available before Tesla's February 28 announcement, so 40 percent of our respondents may have been waiting for a Model 3 that was cheaper than was available before that gives some indication that Tesla's announcement could benefit sales.

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Almost half of our respondents, 48 percent, said they would choose one of the more expensive models: a Long Range Dual Motor or Performance version.

The smallest number of our respondents, only 12 percent, said they would opt for the Mid Range Model 3.

As always, our Twitter polls are unscientific, so Tesla's actual sales may not reflect our readers' responses, because of a low sample size and because our respondents are self-selected from a somewhat different group than Tesla's buyers.