At the Geneva auto show on Tuesday, Honda announced plans to bring a fully-electrified lineup to Europe by 2025.

That's different, of course, than selling only fully electric cars. The plan includes hybrids, such as the CR-V Hybrid that Honda sells in Europe now, as well as plug-in and fully electric cars. "Honda expects full hybrid technology to play a key role in meeting its aims of 100 percent electrification by 2025," the company said in a statement.

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Leading the full-electric charge will be a production version of the e Prototype that the company unveiled at the Geneva show and revealed to the press last week. (Surely, the production version won't be called a Prototype.) The e Prototype is itself a more fully developed version of the Urban EV that the company showed at the Frankfurt auto show in 2017.

Honda released a few specs of the car, including that it will have 124 miles of range (on the usually generous European WLTP test cycle), and can be recharged to 80 percent (about 99 miles) in a half hour. The e Prototype will use a CCS Combo DC fast charging plug. With rear-wheel drive, Honda says the car will feel "sporty" to drive.

The company says 15,000 people have registered an interest for the e Prototype.

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Along with its strategy to increase electric propulsion, Honda is following other brands in Europe, such as Volkswagen in developing a holistic green power system for customers. The company says it intends to build "a portfolio or energy management products and services" to serve as a comprehensive solution for its EV customers. This will include Honda's EVTEC two-way vehicle-to-grid technology which will let drivers earn money by using some of the charge in their cars' batteries to feed back to the grid during times of high demand.

As part of the announcement, Honda signed agreements with Moxia, which aggregates power from different sourcessuch as electric-car batteries in Europe and Japanand with Ubitricity, which runs a charging network in Britain.

Green Car Reports reached out to Honda in the U.S. to ask if the company might be planning such an initiative here. U.S. spokesman Chris Naughton said in an emailed statement, "As a reminder on a global scale, we've set a target for two-thirds of Honda's total vehicle sales to be electrified by the year 2030," which the company announced in 2017. He says the U.S. arm has committed to "expanding electrification across most of our line up in the coming years, including light trucks."

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As in Europe, that could mean the company is planning to expand its offerings of conventional gas hybrids, such as the CR-V or HR-V hybrids that it sells elsewhere, or developing a hybrid version of the Pilot, for example. Spy photographers captured images of Honda testing a plug-in hybrid version of the Pilot last June.

In any case, the company has said it has no plans to bring a production version of the e Prototype to the U.S.