2010 Honda Insight - side

2010 Honda Insight - side

Honda can never be accused of producing gas guzzlers. There's not an engine bigger than a 3.7 liter six cylinder in their stables. Japan's number two automaker had recently considered building a V8 for their luxury Acura division to compete with the likes of Lexus, Infiniti, and every other luxury brand. That discussion came to an end under former Honda chief, Takeo Fukui when the economy nosedived.

New boss, Takanobu Ito, plans to carry on Honda's tradition of focusing on fuel efficiency. "I don't think we need a classic front-engine, rear-drive car. It would be meaningless to emulate what other companies have been doing for more than five decades," said Ito at a news conference last month.

So what will Honda do instead? "We are considering incorporating new engines, motors, transmissions and chassis into mid- to large-sized hybrid vehicles, and I think this is a good opportunity for change," Ito said.

Sounds like the Honda Insight, Civic and the upcoming CR-Z and Fit hybrids will be the babies of Honda's future hybrid fleet. Could this mean the return of the Accord Hybrid? What about a hybrid CR-V or Element? Maybe even an eight-passenger Pilot? Anything is possible for the oft named Greenest Automaker, and remember gentlemen, size does matter.

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Source: Automotive News