From the Tesla Model Y to two upcoming Audis, the electric SUV looks to be the next big automotive trend. Like children, they'll all need names.

Perhaps the most anticipated, if least known, is Ford's upcoming 300-mile, high-performance, off-road SUV, which the company originally dubbed Mach 1.

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The original Mach 1 was the fastest stock version of the classic Mustang yet, in 1969. In response to Ford's suggestion to use the name on its new high-performance electric SUV, classic Mustang enthusiasts wailed, causing Ford to look for a new name.

The last name that's been reported to be under serious consideration is Mach E.

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That led us to consider other names from Ford's history that might be more colorful, and yet appropriate for an electric car. Better yet, some don't have much of a classic-car following.

We decided to ask our readers in last week's Twitter poll, which names they would consider for the new Ford electric SUVor another future electric model. Our poll last week asked: "What other past name should Ford revive for a future electric vehicle?"

What other past name should Ford revive for a future electric vehicle?

The most popular among our suggestions was the Ford Lightning, the name of a hot-rod, and later supercharged pickup from the late 1990s and early 2000s, with 28 percent of our vote.

The Ford Futura, originally a fancy trim level of the Ford Falcon in the 1960s, got the second most votes, at 16 percent.

And the Probe, sporty hatchback from the late 1980s and early 1990s that was originally intended to replace the Mustang, garnered 9 percent of responses. 

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By far the largest portion of our readers, however, wished to "leave those names to history," apparently all of them.

Readers' suggestions from Ford's past included the Comet (actually a Mercury), and the Galaxie. One even suggested the Edsel. Several suggested the "Model E," not a name from Ford's past, but a name that Tesla planned to use for the Model 3 before Ford sued to protect its trademark on cars named with an "E."

As always, our polls are unscientific, because their response rate is not representative, and our respondents are self-selected. But we'll let you know if Ford adopts any of these suggestions.