Ford has teased its planned 300-mile-electric performance SUV, but so far it's thin on details—other than the fact that it's supposed to be inspired by the performance of the Mustang (and, to some degree the F-150 Raptor off-road pickup.)

Originally, the company said it might call the new electric SUV the Mach 1, in honor of one of the historically highest-performance street versions of the Mustang. After classic Mustang enthusiasts howled in protest, the company backed off that plan, suggesting it the most likely name might be the Mach E, though it has not confirmed any model name. 

That led us to wonder if our car-focused audience, which often has a good historical perspective, might have other suggestions.

Not only did Mach 1 usurp a name for a thundering, gas-swilling, smoke-belching muscle car, it doesn't have any particular electric connotationsunlike plenty of other past Ford model names.

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So we thought we'd throw out some electric or futuristic suggestions from Ford's past catalog and see if any resonate with our readers, or what other suggestions you have.

Our Twitter poll question this week is: "What other past name should Ford revive for a future electric vehicle?"

Among the appropriate suggestions we came up with for an electric or futuristic car from Ford's past are: Futura, Lightning, and Probe. The Futura started out as a fancy trim level on a Falcon. In keeping with Ford's original intent with Mach 1, the Lightning was a high-performance pickup (for the street), from the late 1990s and early 2000s. From a decade earlier, the Probe was designed to be the replacement for the Mustang, which seems fitting, though it's questionable whether it ever gained the popularity that we're sure Ford is banking on for its new SUV.

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Our fourth option is to leave those three names to the dustbin of history and come up with something new. If you have a suggestion, you can also send us a reply or leave a comment and let us know.

Remember that our Twitter polls are unscientific, because of low sample size and because our respondents are self-selected. We'd love to hear your ideas.