Now that Tesla has announced the full lineup of the Model 3 (more or less), we thought it was time to ask our readers which version they would buy.

Last Thursday, Tesla announced that it will begin building the long-awaited $35,000 base, or Short Range Model 3. As CEO Elon Musk has promised since first announcing the Model 3, the car will have 220 miles of range. Even counting the mandatory $1,200 delivery fee on top of that price, it makes the Model 3 cheaper than a Chevrolet Bolt with only slightly fewer miles, or a long-range Nissan Leaf Plus, which Nissan just announced will sell for$35,550 before its $895 destination charge.

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With Tesla still holding onto a bank of deposits from customers who want to buy the Model 3 yet are still waiting to place orders, it seems likely that many of them have been waiting for the promised more affordable model.

In a surprise announcement along with the base Model 3, Musk announced another Model 3, the Standard Range Plus, which has an additional 20 miles of range as well as some interior upgrades, including heated power seats, upgraded upholstery, an upgraded stereo, and docking capability for two cell phones. It sells for an extra $2,000 over the base model.

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The company also brought back the rear-wheel drive Long Range Model 3, which had been absent from the lineup since November when the company introduced the Mid Range model and the Dual Motor all-wheel-drive model, which it included on all Long Range Model 3s thereafter.

With all these new options available, we were interested to see how many of our readers may have been holding out for a cheaper Tesla Model 3. Based on earlier poll results, we'd estimate that 40 percent of our Twitter respondents own a Tesla model of some sort, so many may already have bought a Long Range or Mid Range Model 3. We're most curious to hear what those of you who hadn't yet bought a Model 3 as of last week would choose.

Our official Twitter poll question for this week is: "Which Tesla Model 3 would you buy?" We'd hasten to add: "if you haven't already."

The choices include:

- The 220-mile, $35,000 (really $36,200), Standard Range Model 3

- The 240-mile, $38,200 Model 3 Standard Range Plus (with destination)

- The 264-mile Mid Range for $41,200

- Or any of the Long Range Model 3s, which start at $44,200 with 325 miles. Dual Motor and Performance versions of the Long Range car cost more and have shorter ranges.

Click on over to our Twitter poll and let us know; we're excited to hear. And remember that our Twitter polls are not scientific (or even sound from standpoint of Tesla's business), because of low sample size and because our respondents are self-selected.