Honda teamed with student designers for its latest EV concept. VW is cleaning up its emissions act, not just in cars, but in its factories. Ford is recalling 2019 Fusion Energis for an electric-shock hazard. And readers weigh in on the Green New Deal in our latest Twitter poll. All this and more on Green Car Reports.

As Volkswagen transitions to building electric cars, the company has instituted new standards up and down its supply chain to lower carbon emissions from the cars' production.

Honda is updating its Urban EV concept for the upcoming Geneva auto show with its new electric Tomo concept, designed in conjunction with students at the Milan school of fashion and design. Sketches hint the Tomo can convert from a small coupe to a little pickup, to accommodate young drivers' needs.

Ford is recalling 2,100 2019 Ford Fusion Energi sedans to replace the cover for a high-voltage electrical relay, averting a shock hazard.

Readers proved relatively optimistic that the Green New Deal proposed in Congress could have a real-world benefit for electric cars.

Citroën plans to celebrate its 100th anniversary with a new Ami One electric-car concept that can go 62 miles at up to 28 mph, to drive around citieseven without a license. 

Finally, a proposal in Washington, DC, would subsidize Uber and Lyft rides for night-shift workers who need to get to work when the city's Metro system is shut down.


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