The Ford Fusion along with its hybrid offering have helped to push Ford past Toyota in sales for the month of April.  Even more surprising or promising for Ford, many Fusion and Fusion hybrid sales have come for former import car owners.

According to Ford's vice president of sales and marketing Ken Czubay, "In fact, the majority of Fusion conquest sales came from foreign makes.  On the new Fusion, we're seeing more conquest trades from foreign brands than domestics."

A conquest sale is a term used to describe a car buyer who switches from another brand of car.  For example, a Toyota Camry owner trades in their Camry for a Ford Fusion.

Ford Fusion sales are up 15.6% from last year.  The likely reason is high sales of the hybrid model.  36% of all new 2010 Ford Fusions deliveries were hybrid versions.

According to Ford's U.S. sales analysts George Pipas, "Our hybrids are extremely strong.  They're drawing people to Ford, Mercury, and Lincoln showrooms that have never been in one."

With Ford drawing sales from Toyota customers and new to Ford customer entering showrooms for hybrid models, the outlook is beginning to be on the positive side for Ford.

Source:  Wards Auto