As the first Tesla Model 3s land in European consumers' hands, reports show they may charge faster than those in the U.S. Honda signed a rare contract to procure electric-car batteries from a Chinese supplier. California passes a law requiring all buses in the state to go electric. And our latest Twitter poll asks readers what effect they think a Green New Deal might have. All this and more on Green Car Reports.

Data from a charging network in Europe shows the Continent's new Model 3s—with CCS Combo charge ports instead of Tesla's traditional proprietary port—charge at higher rates for longer durations than U.S. Model 3s with Tesla's own charge port. That brings down overall charge times.

Honda signed a rare supply contract with a Chinese battery supplier to provide enough batteries for up to 750,000 electric cars.

The California Air Resources Board will require all new city buses sold in the state to be electric by 2030, and is considering an additional proposal to require all-electric airport shuttles by five years later.

And our latest Twitter poll asks our Twitter followers what they think the effect may be of Congressional Democrats' Green New Deal.

After being revealed testing in South Africa in December, the upcoming electric VW ID hatchback has been caught by spy photographers during cold-weather testing.  

Finally, the airbag recall from Takata keeps expanding, with the company adding another 1.5 million cars to the recall on Monday, including the Tesla Model S. 


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