GM announced a major restructuring that will result in more electric cars, with Cadillac as its focus. Fiat Chrysler will fix its dirty Ram pickup and Jeep Grand Cherokee EcoDiesels. And Audi has partnered with Amazon to get home chargers installed for its e-tron customers. All this and more on Green Car Reports.

In a settlement reminiscent of Volkswagen's, owners of EcoDiesel Jeep Grand Cherokee and Ram pickups will be offered cash along with a free software update to bring their vehicles into compliance with emissions laws.

GM made a major announcement that it plans to expand its electric vehicle lineup and convert Cadillac to an electric brand.

In the meantime, the company is trying to make life easier for Chevy Bolt EV owners by bringing live information on charger availability from ChargePoint, EVgo, and Greenlots to the MyChevy app.

And Audi plans to have Amazon sell and coordinate installation of chargers for its line of e-tron electric vehicles.

Volkswagen poached an engineer from Apple's Titan self-driving-car effort to head its own commercial self-driving and mobility services programs.

Finally, VW may be planning to build an electric off-road SUV as part of its new ID lineup of electric vehicles.


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