People wish for all kinds of things.

When it comes to electric cars, there are several types of things green car fans may wish for to get more such cars on the road, from easier charging to more tax credits, to more types of models.

Our Twitter poll for this annual time of reflection between Christmas and New Year's asks respondents to weigh which of those would give them the most hope of getting more electric cars on the road—or at least what might be most useful to them.

The question for this week is: What are your hopes for plug-in cars in 2019?

Some may wish for more infrastructure—DC fast chargers, or public Level 2 chargers—to make it more convenient for electric car owners to drive, and more obvious to others that cars running on electricity are on the roads and make for viable transportation solutions.

This New Year's, plenty of potential electric-car buyers may wish for an extension of the federal $7,500 tax credit for plug-in cars that is expiring on Tesla vehicles in January 1 and on GM vehicles April 1.

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With that tax credit effectively making its models more expensive in 2019, General Motors announced it will discontinue production of the Chevrolet Volt (along with several other gas-powered sedans) starting in March. The company followed up that news with an announcement that it will lay off 50 workers at the factory that made battery packs for the Volt, dashing hopes of a quick replacement for Volt fans. GM had hinted that it would build a replacement for the Volt that would be a small crossover vehicle such as the Buick Velite 6 concept it showed in China.

Some studies have shown that the best way to get more Americans to buy plug-in or electric cars is to offer more types of models, such as popular small crossovers or big pickups. And those may be what more people hope for.

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One of the most eagerly anticipated such models is a new pickup truck from Tesla that CEO Elon Musk has talked about repeatedly. The company has never shown prototypes or even concept drawings of the pickup, however, and the last time Musk mentioned it, it was to seek input from Tesla fans about what they'd want from the pickup.

Tesla rival Rivian showed a new electric pickup last month at the LA auto show, but it won't go on sale until 2020. If Musk has such a pickup up his sleeve this would be a good year for the company to give buyers a glimpse of what it might look like and what it can do.