GM plans to announce a major shift in manufacturing that could benefit electric cars. Chevrolet introduced a concept electric drag racer. Charging networks join forces. And Faraday Future loses a key executive in financing turmoil. All this and more on Green Car Reports.

Multiple sources indicate that GM plans a big shift in its manufacturing plans that could benefit its lineup of plug-in cars. The announcement is expected late Wednesday morning, and we'll keep readers updated when we know more.

Meanwhile at the Specialty Equipment Manufacturers' Association show in Las Vegas, Chevrolet introduced a concept electric version of its COPO Camaro drag racer, called the eCOPO Camaro, that could hint at faster charging from the automaker as well as off-the-shelf electric-vehicle conversion parts.

The Blink charging network announced an agreement with startup software provider Hubject that will allow Blink users to see, use, and pay for charging on other networks. The plan could signal another way that charging will become more accessible for electric-car drivers, alongside installing additional numbers of charging stations.

A key leader left Faraday Future after the company announced layoffs and pay cuts following its latest financial troubles. A Hong Kong arbitrator, meanwhile, offered the company a path forward.

Finally, a AAA study revealed that most drivers who use advanced driver assist systems in their cars trust the technology—many of them too much. The same study showed that the technologies, such as forward radar and parking assist sensors are dramatically raising repair prices after an accident.


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