Netherlands based Detroit Electric is actively seeking dealers in the U.S. to market and sell the companies upcoming electric vehicles.

Detroit Electric plans to take Proton Holdings Bhd vehicles which are built in Malaysia, add in an electric system and battery packs and create their own all electric vehicles by using the existing platforms.  Detroit Electric has released plans for 2 electric models at this point and plans to produce 8 to 10 models in the next 7 to 10 years.

Detroit Electric is seeking dealers for their vehicles in a non-traditional way.  Currently they have received several requests from interested dealers.  Dealers must fill out a formal application to sell the Detroit Electric vehicles.  Applications will begin at the start of this summer and the selection process will begin in early July.  Detroit Electric will have the chance to hand pick dealers across the nation to sell their vehicles.

Detroit Electric plans to have between 140 and 150 dealers.  All dealerships will exclusively sell Detroit Electric vehicles as the company will not allow dual dealerships.  Dealers that are selected will have to build or purchase a building that only sells Detroit Electric Products.

Initially, Detroit Electric plans to roll out two models.  One will be based on the Proton Persona and the other will be based on the Proton Gen 2.  The vehicles are expected in the U.S. about 18 months from now.  Forecasts by the company predict first year sale at 40,000 units.

Source:  Wards Auto