Aston Martin reveals detailed specifications on its first electric car, the Rapide E. Los Angeles sets targets for electric cars as it prepares to host the 2028 Olympic games. Tesla drops two paint colors for the Model 3 and raises prices for the dual motor all-wheel-drive option. And Chevrolet recalls Volt and Bolt EV models over brake parts. All of this and more on Green Car Reports.

The Aston Martin Rapide E will deliver an estimated range of about 200 miles from its 800-volt battery pack, the company said. As for power, the battery pack and rear-mounted electric motors will provide 601 horsepower and over 700 pound-feet of torque.

As Los Angeles prepares to host the 2028 Olympic games, the city council revealed electric-car targets. The plan calls for 20 to 45 percent of privately owned cars to be battery-electric and for 150,000 new public charging stations.

Tesla will no longer offer two colors for the Model 3 electric car, as it attempts to simplify and speed up production. Both Obsidian Black and Metallic Silver will exit production but remain as a special request for buyers willing to pay extra. The company also hiked the Model 3 AWD variant's price.

General Motors has recalled a number of models over brake issues, and the Chevrolet Volt and Bolt EV are included on the list. Rear brake pistons could leak and trap hydrogen gas in the brake lines, which may lead to increased stopping distances.

Gordon Murray Design highlighted how its iStream construction can cut a vehicle's weight in half. The company also unveiled a lightweight seat design.

Finally, Uber plans to make ride-sharing less than half of its business in the next 10 years. The company wants to reduce the public's reliance on cars, subways, and buses as main forms of transportation.


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