Bragging rights don't rank high on the priority lists of Green Car Reports readers. 

At least, they don't if you consider the number of our Twitter respondents who hope to buy a Performance version of the Tesla Model 3.

In the results of our latest Twitter poll, which asked the question: "Which Tesla Model 3 would you order or have you ordered," only 7 percent of respondents chose the Performance model.


Results were fairly closely matched between those who want the standard car that Tesla has been building so far with the long-range battery and rear-wheel drive (35 percent), and those who want all-wheel drive (41 percent), which will still come with the long-range battery.

Another 17 percent of respondents chose "Other," presumably waiting for more affordable short-range versions to become available.

CEO Elon Musk said last week in a Tweet that the company would need three to six months after it reaches full production of 5,000 Model 3s a week before it could produce entry-level models for the $35,000 price that it has long promised.

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The company originally promoted the Model 3 as an affordable, $35,000 electric car. So far the models that the company has built cost significantly more. Tesla may count the long-range battery as an option, but so far it's a mandatory one.

Tesla has said that the short-range Model 3 will have 220 miles of range. The big battery is rated at 310 miles.

The company recently opened up orders for all-wheel-drive and Performance models with the long-range battery for deposit holders whose names reach the top of the list.

As always, remember that our poll results are unscientific, based on the self-selection of respondents and a low sample size. (In this case, we received 384 votes by publication.) Our poll results may also not reflect what customers who have actually made deposits on Model 3s are waiting for, because our poll is open to respondents who may never buy a Model 3.

If Tesla's order bank did look anything like our poll, though, more than 80 percent of buyers could now order the Model 3 of their dreams—once their name comes up on Tesla's list.