Former Volkswagen CEO Martin Winterkorn was charged with fraud in federal court over his role in hiding VW's diesel emissions cheating. Tesla was thrown off the investigation into a fatal crash in one of its Model X SUVs by the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) after making a public statement about what went wrong. Nissan is bringing back the Rogue Hybrid after a short hiatus. Winnebago has begun offering electric RVs (for custom order), and the Kia Niro EV makes an appearance in Korea. All this and more on Green Car Reports.

Federal investigators are still widening their net trying to get to the bottom of the VW "dieselgate" emissions scandal. The latest Volkswagen executive ensnared is former CEO Martin Winterkorn, who was charged with fraud in federal court in March, though records were only recently opened. Since Germany does not extradite its citizens to the U.S., it is unlikely he will face trial here.

Tesla disputes claims that the NTSB removed the company from the investigation into a fatal Model X crash, claiming it quit voluntarily,

The production version of the Kia Niro electric car made a surprise appearance at a sustainability expo in South Korea, and we learned a few details about its specs.

Winnebago, perhaps America's most iconic RV manufacturer, will now sell you an electric motorhome.

Porsche leads the way in sales of new plug-in cars for April, with its updated Panamera and Cayenne

At Volkswagen's annual meeting in Germany, the company revealed that its has contracted to buy as many batteries as Tesla is worth by 2025. It plans to install them in 3 million electric cars by then.

Finally, a new report in California details the problems self-driving cars have had following traffic laws in the state—and explains why human drivers are still required to babysit them. For those of you waiting to buy an autonomous vehicle, this report reveals why it could be a long wait.