Kia displayed a new Niro EV electric car concept at the Consumer Electronics Show last January, and the production car just made an appearance in South Korea at the Fifth International Electric Vehicle Expo.

Based on the Niro hybrid and plug in hybrid already sold stateside, the Niro EV takes the concept one step further by dispensing with the gas engine altogether.

Compared with the Niro EV Concept that debuted at the Consumer Electronics Show, this Niro looks relatively conventional, based on the existing silhouette, lights, and bumpers. It's unclear whether the Niro EV will debut in the U.S. before the Niro's mid-cycle update, which could be reflected in the CES Concept's styling.

Kia Niro EVs in Korea

Kia Niro EVs in Korea

According to a report in Inside EVs, which first carried the story, the Niro EV will share its 64-kwh battery with sister-company Hyundai's upcoming Kona Electric. That will give it a range of 236 miles when it comes to a the U.S.

A smaller 39;.2-kwh battery will be available overseas, which should give the car 149-mile range. Kia will not confirm whether the Niro EV is coming to the U.S.