Everybody knows the friendly, familiar VW logo—an artistically stacked 'V' and 'W' nestled inside a circle—whether its from smiling New Beetles running around, or the giant logo on the nose of Jerry Garcia's legendary bus. 

Now, according to Bloomberg, the company plans to update the logo again for the electric era, polishing it up in time for the introduction of its I.D. Crozz hatchback.

Both the new logo and the electric I.D. Crozz are expected to arrive around 2020, likely for the 2021 model year. 

VW logos through the years Source: Volkswagen via Bloomberg

VW logos through the years Source: Volkswagen via Bloomberg


Though the logo design has remained largely consistent since the company spread its tentacles around the globe after World War II, it has undergone subtle revisions every decade or so. The biggest change was dropping the gear teeth from the outer ring after the end of the war.

A Volkswagen spokesman said the new logo won't be only for electric cars, and will launch simultaneously on the I.D. Crozz and a redesigned Golf also expected around the same time.

The move was announced earlier this week at a press briefing in Berlin, according to Bloomberg.



Volkswagen ID model lineup, Photo: Groenl7

Volkswagen ID model lineup, Photo: Groenl7

The new logo, along with a new lineup of five electric cars is intended in part to polish VW's image after it had to buy back more than 400,000 cars for non-compliant emissions systems since 2016.

The company has developed two all-new architectures to underpin five new electric Volkswagens (along with some Audis).

Four of those new electric Volkswagens are expected to come to the U.S., starting with the I.D. Crozz and ending with the I.D. Buzz, a new, electric take on Jerry Garcia's old bus. In between will come a larger crossover known as the I.D. Lounge, and a larger hatchback called the I.D. AEROe.


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The I.D. Crozz will also be sold in Europe, along with a smaller hatchback known as just the I.D. China will get the I.D. Crozz, Lounge, and AEROe.

Volkswagen started out as a company meant to build simple, small, affordable, and above all efficient cars for the masses. Perhaps the simplicity and efficiency of electric motors—along with the rejuvenated logo—will bring back some of that spirit.