Today, we've got electric cars for Costa Rica, support for keeping CAFE rules, a Via Motors update, and the future BMW i4 electric sedan that looks like it will face off against the Tesla Model 3. All this and more on Green Car Reports.

Costa Rica works hard toward maintaining its reputation for eco-awareness, and now Mitsubishi is donating electric cars to help the country toward its goals.

Auto-parts suppliers turn out to be overwhelmingly in favor of keeping current CAFE standards—and a new study explains why.

Some readers have wondered whatever happened to Via Motors; the latest news is a joint venture with Chinese company Geely.

The BMW i4 all-electric sedan, now that the name has been confirmed, will be a production version of last fall's BMW i Vision Dynamics concept car.

We've got what may be the best look to date at the production Porsche Mission E, courtesy of some manufacturing shots from the company.

Finally, the police chief of Tempe, Arizona, suggested that the Uber self-driving car may not be at fault in a crash that killed a pedestrian.