Today, we've got another electric concept car coming to Geneva in a couple of weeks, a surge in start-stop sales, a look at Nissan and Tesla sales landmark, and Porsche killing off its last diesel model. All this and more on Green Car Reports.

Over the weekend, as we do every seven days, we ran down last week's most important green-car stories.

One auto executive says the Tesla Model S will be a collector car, because the company will go out of business; we looked at a major factor affecting which orphans do and don't become valuable.

The Opel Ampera-e, a Chevy Bolt EV with a nose job, will be replaced with an all-electric Opel Corsa after the brand's owner PSA Group puts the next generation of that subcompact into production.

The Trump administration routinely denies accepted climate science; we have a new Twitter poll asking how much that matters.

Another VW concept for an all-electric car will debut in Geneva two weeks hence: It's the Volkswagen ID Vizzion large sedan, and now we have teaser images.

Fuel-saving start-stop systems are now installed on one of every five light trucks sold last year, according to EPA data.

Both Nissan and Tesla have sold more than 300,000 electric cars, but each can claim a different crown. We explain why.

Porsche has killed off its final diesel model, because its customers essentially lost interest in them.

Another week, another electric supercar from another startup automaker. This one is called the Aspark Owl, and we have a video of a 0-to-60-mph time of less than 2 seconds. Ouch.

Finally, 11,000 of the new 2018 Toyota Camry sedans have been recalled to check fuel pipes and hoses to avert a possible fuel leak.