Today, we've got poll results on what kind of fast charging would lure mass-market buyers, plug-in electric car sales for Canada, and a call for one or two news writers to work for us. All this and more on Green Car Reports.

January sales results for plug-in electric cars in Canada are in, and our author has looked back at the final 2017 figures as well to draw some conclusions about the state of electric vehicles in his country.

We surveyed our followers to ask what kind of fast charging would lure mass-market buyers to electric cars, and the results are in.

Do you have what it takes to write daily news stories for Green Car Reports? We're looking for one or two experienced news writers to work closely with our editorial staff.

Our reader Jay Lucas described what we're calling a car hack, one that let him keep a navigation system in his Chevy Bolt EV from its onboard Wifi connection and an old iPhone.

Finally, Elon Musk's own personal Tesla Roadster is now the fastest electric car anywhere in the solar system.

Used as the payload for the SpaceX Falcon Heavy rocket test that launched successfully yesterday—which is to power a future mission to Mars—the Roadster will eventually enter an orbit around the sun that will take it close to Mars, and remain on that path for millions of years.

Musk's original Roadster will reach speeds of 7 miles per second and travel some 250 million miles from Earth, with a space-suited dummy named Starman in the driver's seat. A camera is now providing footage of the epic journey, which you can watch live online.