Today, we've got the old and the new, from Ford Model T gas mileage to advanced electric cars that the LAPD isn't using. Also, why plug-in vehicle owners usually lease rather than buy, and another Tesla Model S crash with Autopilot involved. All this and more on Green Car Reports.

Despite a sensational headline, a recent article underscored why most electric cars are leased rather than purchased.

An earlier piece on the Sierra Club slamming Ford for working against CAFE rules brought up a secondary question: What kind of gas mileage does a Ford Model T get, anyway?

The LAPD's BMW i3 electric cars get very little use, but we wanted to know why.

Here's some irony for you: Exxon will sue cities and states over climate change on exactly the same grounds they're using to sue it in the first place.

The NHTSA will investigate a Tesla Model S that hit a parked fire truck; the crash reportedly happened while the car was operating with Autopilot turned on.

Another Chinese startup carmaker will show another proposed electric car, this one at Geneva and penned by an Italian design firm.

Finally, BMW wants to charge $300 a year to keep Apple CarPlay working in its new cars: Is this the Net Neutrality issue for cars we've all feared?


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