Today, we interviewed BMW's electric-car powertrain head, looked at tire swaps for Chevy Bolt EVs, covered some state news on emission limits and charging stations, and offered a PSA on climate change. All this and more on Green Car Reports.

Low-rolling-resistance tires boost electric-car range, but don't do much for handling. One Chevy Bolt EV owner swapped out his tires, and shared his experience.

Don't get distracted by the constant flow of bizarre news out of our nation's capital: Climate change is continuing, and Mother Nature doesn't care about politics.

Trump wants to freeze or roll back CAFE and emission limits, but California has a big say in the matter. The two sides met last week to discuss it. At a coffee shop, apparently.

Colorado released its plan to put more electric cars on its roads faster. One big part: charging infrastructure.

How many electric cars can or should be served by a public charging station? Numbers vary, and so do the reasons why.

BMW is confident it can build electric cars on the same underpinnings as gasoline cars, despite other makers' strong beliefs that won't work.

A motorcyclist sued GM over a crash with a self-driving car it was testing in San Francisco last month. The Cruise Anywhere self-driving Chevy Bolt EV abruptly changed its mind about a lane change.

Finally, for those of you who need a little extra personal security, there's now a bulletproof Tesla Model S being offered—with a slight catch.


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