Today, Ford gets slammed by the Sierra Club, the next BMW i3 electric car will likely be very different, the Jaguar XJ will reportedly go head-to-head with the Tesla Model S, and we're not big fans of some possible Volkswagen ID electric-car model names. All this and more on Green Car Reports.

We asked our Twitter followers what green powertrain they thought would be best for full-size pickups in 2030. They told us, pretty much in one single voice.

The replacement for today's BMW i3, thought to be called BMW iX3, may be very different from the current model, say sources.

Can you guess how many billions of dollars automakers are spending on future electric-car efforts? Hint: It's a pretty large number.

A couple of newly trademarked Volkswagen ID electric-car model names made us raise our collective editorial eyebrows.

The Jaguar XJ large luxury sport sedan will be reborn in 2020 as an all-electric Tesla Model S competitor, according to a new report.

A clever new Sierra Club video slams Ford for working to roll back CAFE standards while claiming it's all about sustainability.

When was the last time a French car was sold in the U.S.? While that number is now measured in decades, Peugeot Citroen is planning a return to this side of the Atlantic—with German brand Opel now in their stable as well.

Finally, we know there's an all-electric Mini Cooper coming in 2020; now we've got some spy shots of prototypes testing in the snow.


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